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Thompson Bucks County Classic 2018 Poster Unveiled

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Mike Margarite is the face of the 2018 Thompson Bucks County Classic as he represents the great athletic qualities that the race celebrates and showcases every year. The New Yorker is an Amateur in the greatest sense of the term. He works full time in an investment firm and has a young family, yet still finds 12-14 hours a week to train. His metronomic, powerful early morning laps in Central Park are the stuff of legend within Manhattan’s racing community. Mike has honored his famed club, the 120-year old Century Road Club Association, with superlative performances and victories across the amateur racing circuit. However, it is at Doylestown and our professional race that Mike’s true excellence has been seen.

For the past five-years of the race, Mike, with his full-time job and early morning training, has gone head to head with the top professional riders at the Doylestown criterium. His fourth place last year does not tell the entire story: most amateurs in his position would “hide on the wheels” when racing against pros. Not Mike! He’s always an instigator of breakaways, always one on the top three or four most powerful riders in the race. He makes the race exciting and for that racing courage and for all of his sacrifice for the sport, we are most proud to feature Mike Margarite for the 15thrunning of the Thompson Bucks County Classic and it’s Criterium of Doylestown.

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